The second stage of the 15th School Chess Olympiad is over


The second stage of the 15th school chess olympiad was held in Armenia on May 17-31. 

The teams of all the schools of the Republic competed for the ticket to the third stage.
Congratulations to the winners and all the participants,

we express our deep gratitude to all those who made a great contribution to the tournament.
Below is the list of the winners from all regions of Armenia and from all administrative 

districts of Yerevan.


N Marz Region The winners
1 Shirak Gyumri 1st place Photon College 
2nd place Gyumri basic school N 11 
  Artik  Artik basic school N 6
  Akhuryan  Akhuryan basic school N 1
  Ani Bagravan secondary school
  Ashocq Ashocq secondary school
  Amasia Amasia secondary school
2 Gegharquniq Chambarak Chambarak Basic School  N 1 
    Sevan Zovaber secondary school 
  Vardenis Vardenis basic school N 4
  Martuni Vardenik Educational complex
  Gavar Sarukhan basic school N 2
3 Aragatsotn Talin Talin basic school N 2
    Aparan Aparan basic school N 1
  Ashtarak Ashtarak basic school N 5
4 Lori Stepanavan Stepanavan basic school N 2
    Tashir Tashir basic school N 1
  Alaverdi Teghut secondary school 
  Vanadzor, Gugarq 1st place - Vanadzor basic school N 4
2nd place  Vanadzor basic school N 18
  Spitak  Spitak basic school N 1
5 Armavir Ejiatsin 1st place- Gayi secondary school 
2nd place- basic school N 12
    Armavir 1st place- basic school N 5
2nd place- Hacik secondary school 
  Baghramyan  Myasnikyan secondary school            
6 Vayoc Dzor Jermuk Jermuk basic school N 1
    Vayq Vayq basic school 
  Eghegnadzor Eghegnadzor basic school N 1
7 Tavush Ijevan Ijevan basic school N 5 
    Berd Berd basic school N 3 
  Dilijan Dilijan central school
  Noyemberyan Berdavan secondary school 
8 Syuniq Goris Goris basic school N 1 
    Sisian Sisian basic school N 2 
  Kapan Kapan basic school N 6
  Qajaran Qajaran secondary school N 1
  Meghri Agarak basic school 
9 Kotayq Hrazdan Hrazdan basic school N 11
    Abovyan 1st place Abovyan basic school N 5
2nd place Abovyan basic school N 2
  Charentsavan Charentsavan basic school N 5
  Eghvard Eghvard basic school N 3
10 Ararat Artashat Artashat basic school N 1 
    Masis Masis basic school N 3
  Vedi, Ararat Vedi  basic school N 2


N Administrative district  The winners
1  Erebuni and Nubarashen basic school No. 35
2 Ajapnyak and Davtashen basic school No.153 
3 Arabkir basic school No. 130
4 Malatia-Sebastia basic school No. 11
5 Nor Norq, Norq Marash Elite International School 
6 Kentron basic school No.19 
7 Qanaqer-Zeytun and Avan Physics and Mathematics Specialized School 
8 Shengavit  Quantum College


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