The second stage of the 16th School Chess Olympiad: Nor Norq, Norq Marash


Today, 20 school teams from the Nor Nork and Nork-Marash administrative districts competed in the second round of the 16th school chess olympiad in Yerevan.

The winner was basic school No. 135, while the 106th basic school received second honorable place as a result of persistent competition.  The struggle for third place was also rather exciting.

The teams from Anania Shirakatsi Lyceum and Basic School No. 88 tied for third place with the same number of points,  but as a result of an additional blitz game, the winner was Basic School No. 88. 

The winning team members are as follows:

• Vladimir Shahinyan
• Hayk Simonyan
• Danielyan Rostom
• Danielyan Aida


The winning team qualified for the 3rd round of the 16th Olympiad.

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