Chess Teachers Discussion


The Chess Academy of Armenia organized a discussion on chess in schools for the teachers of Yerevan schools on March 23, 2016. Different types of issues were discussed: concerning to the methods and teaching tools. The discussion was held by psychologists and Methodists of the program.

Simultaneously, Belarus deligation visited Chess Academy of Armenia where he had a friendly conversation with the president of the Academy GM Smbat Lputian, took part in the conference for chess teachers. The basic objective of delegation's visit was to get acquainted with the Armenian experience in this sphere of "Chess in schools" as a compulsory subject.

The composition of the delegation:

  • Alexander Dubkovsky: Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism of Republic of Belarus
  • Nikolay Zarubitsky: Vice-president of Belarus Chess Federation
  • Sergey Artyukhov: Director of National Olympic Chess and Checkers Training Center

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